Tender & Grant Examples

Tender Win Winning Examples

With 25 years of experience of tendering for clients, Tender Win has a proven track record of winning proposals, grant and tender applications within government and private sectors. Below are some of our successes.



Assisted a number of private bus companies over the course of 2013 in successful tender applications to operate bus services across Sydney.

Assisted a large number of construction unions and employer associations in successful applications for Government funding.

Developed tender documentation for a private provider to train doctors on Impairment Guidelines under the NSW WorkCover scheme.

Assisted organizations to become “Advisors” to obtain a discount on workers compensation.

Prepared successful applications for businesses applying for Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants.

Prepared successful tender documentation for companies bidding for Sydney Trains rail replacement services.

Prepared successful tender documentation for a large insurance provider to provide Workers Compensation services for the State Transit Authority.

Professional Services

The leaders in successful tender and grant writing documentation

These are but a few of our winning tender applications. For more information, contact Tender Win