Project Management

Tender Win will manage your project from conception to completion.  We have managed publicity campaigns, implemented new legislation and developed the architecture for new schemes and projects.

Previous Projects include:

  • Accreditation and audit regime for contractors undertaking Commonwealth building work (Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner).

  • Infrastructure for NSW Premium Discount Scheme, including publications, training for staff/insurers, procedures and mechanics for discounting.

  • Roles and responsibilities of management to assist the transition from RailCorp to the new Sydney Trains.

  • Designed the BusNSW “Knowledge Engine”, interactive web-based tool allowing industry compliance with a range of legal obligations.

  • Licensing Criteria to operate high-risk machinery (Australian Safety and Compensation Council).

  • Industry plan to implement Government proposal to introduce Seat Belts on all rural School Buses.

  • Risk Management Framework for NSW Fisheries, identifying and managing risks faced by outdoor staff.

  • Discussion Paper for review of the Passenger Transport Act (Transport for NSW).

  • Advice for the Victorian Government on potential problems/issues with draft Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Advice on legal implications/mechanisms on Transport for NSW’s proposal to allow B-Triple trucks on the Hume Highway.

These are but a few of Tender Win’s successful projects. Contact us for more detail.



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